Business Assurance

Instil confidence in your organisation for your clients

By assuring the quality of the products and services that you deliver to your clients and stakeholders, your business stands out from your competitors and you improve your chance of success with clients and winning contracts. The establishment of a Business Management System builds and assures confidence that your business processes, services and products are of a superior standard and will continually improve, no matter the size of your team.

Integris Group Services supports your business assurance through the application of existing ISO Certification standards across your business and operations. We use well established strategies to support improved performance, obtaining the benefits from investment in a well-structured Business Management System.

Benefits from this Service

The use of Business Assurance Services directly impacts your organisation through the following ways:

Trust and Credibility
Operational Efficiency
Risk Mitigation
Cost Efficiency
Risk Mitigation

Every business, regardless of size, thrives on the trust of its customers, stakeholders, and partners. Ensuring that processes and services are up to a certain standard elevates the credibility of the business in the market.

Streamlined and assured processes lead to more effective and efficient operations, which is crucial for all businesses to maximise their productivity and minimise wastage.

In any business environment, being proactive about identifying and addressing potential risks is essential. This ensures continuity, safeguards reputation, and can prevent costly disruptions.

Every business, big or small, is concerned with the bottom line. Business assurance can lead to direct and indirect cost savings by optimising processes, reducing rework, and preventing costly mistakes.

In any business environment, being proactive about identifying and addressing potential risks is essential. This ensures continuity, safeguards reputation, and can prevent costly disruptions.

Businesses of all sizes aim for growth. Having assured and standardised processes in place allows for smoother transitions, expansions, and integrations, ensuring the business can adapt and grow without undue friction.

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Our Business Assurance Services

Documenting Policies and Procedures

Strengthen assurance by documenting it:

  • Establishing Governance / Risk Frameworks
  • Defining policies aligned to your objectives
  • Developing your supporting procedures
  • Embedding outcomes within your organisation (Management of Change)
  • Supporting your process owners
  • Providing support to meet your compliance requirements
  • Developing tools to improve processes

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Achieve ISO Certification

Promote your business as certified:

(ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 45001 and ISO 55001) 

  • Training your team on ISO Standards (e.g. Quality Assurance)
  • Assisting you to achieve ISO certification​
  • Gap analysis between your current system and achieving certification​
  • Supporting you through external business assurance audits​
  • Developing your roadmap to achieving certification​
  • Supporting you during certification audits
  • Facilitating Management Review

Compliance Management and Support

Assure your clients that you are compliant:

  • Establishing Governance and Risk Management Frameworks
  • Converting Legislative/Regulatory requirements into actionable tasks
  • Developing Corrective Action Plans
  • Supporting the satisfaction of Provisional Improvement Notices (PIN’s)
  • Assistance to deliver Enforceable Undertaking (EU) projects

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Management Systems and Systems of Work

Make your processes reliable and systematic:

  • Defining the structure for and implementing your management system​
  • Creating visual frameworks to communicate system performance or gaps
  • Assisting in records management solutions
  • Achieving ISO Certification and supporting continual improvement (Quality, Safety, Environmental, Cyber, Asset Management)

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ISO 19011 Internal Auditing & Training

Support your internal audit processes:

  • Internal training for your internal auditors​
  • Developing your Internal Audit Schedule​
  • Supporting the completion of your internal audits​
  • Conducting Third Party audits

Continual Improvement Processes

Support your team in uplifting their capability and operations:

  • Implementing processes for corrective and preventive actions​
  • Implementing processes for opportunities for improvement​
  • Refining and streamlining your business processes​
  • Implementing data for decision making

Our Tailored Services

Business Assurance

Success Stories

Our Unique Approach

Integris Group Services follows a tailorable and reliable approach to our Business Systems & Assurance services.


Determine what needs to be achieved to position you for success

Define Gaps

Identify current gaps and define the work that needs to be done to fill them

Form a Plan

Agree on timelines, approach, stakeholders, governance and outputs


Deliver the results you need and filling the gaps we identified


Work with your team to reach agreement on the path forward


Embed results in your organisation so you are not dependent on us

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Stephanie Werner

Leading the Team

Stephanie Werner

As Founding Partner, Stephanie has over a decade in Quality Assurance and Business Improvement in Rail, Traction, Transport, & Logistics, Education and Manufacturing industries, plus time spent in Public Service.

Stephanie established SLW Consulting Australia in 2017 and after two years of growth, Integris Group Services Pty Ltd was established in July 2019.

Stephanie’s approach is very hands-on, consulting in Business Assurance, Business Improvement, ISO Certification, QA Management, Processes and Management Systems. Structuring her clients work to enable them to achieve their objectives is why Stephanie has established herself as a sought after expert in her field.

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