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Guided learning for professionals to help solve business problems too important to ignore.

Explore our comprehensive selection of guided learning courses, tailored for professionals and focussing on challenges faced in industries and organisations that we believe are too important to ignore.

Learners can gain insights from industry experts to develop strategic skills and to apply best-practice principles in a practical way.

Our short business courses combine consulting knowledge from our capable teams, coupled with the latest trends and compliance requirements, offering an engaging and effective self-paced learning experience.

Our Featured Course

Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Our guided learning program is ideal for leaders who are keen to nurture and foster a psychologically safe work environment, as well as ensuring and uplifting the organisation’s understanding of legislative requirements across psychological safety.

This course provides an overview of Psychological Safety in the Workplace including an introduction to the legislation, the responsibilities and obligations of employers and employees, the tools and frameworks to support psychological safety, preventing harm, early intervention, supporting recovery, and where to find help.

Short Business Courses

Our Unique Approach

Our learning programs are dynamic and participant-focused, emphasising real-world application and interactive learning. They cover essential workplace topics, designed to enhance team dynamics, communication skills, and create a positive and inclusive work environment. With a blend of self-paced activities, real world examples, and practical exercises, these courses aim to foster personal and professional growth, ensuring participants are well-equipped to contribute effectively in their roles and organisations.

Why Choose Integris Group Services?

IGS delivers exceptional training due to our unique blend of experienced professionals and a tailored approach to learning.

Short Business Courses

Deep Industry Experience

We have deep experience across key industries and sectors including Defence, Health, Not-For-Profit, Local Government, Professional Services, Production and Heavy Assets.

Short Business Courses

An Independent Provider

Our organisation operates across industries and organisations to enable us to bring the best-in-class knowledge and experience – helping provide you with solutions to industry challenges.

Short Business Courses

We Tailor Content For You

We can provide you with branded and tailored content, hosted in your Learning Management System (LMS) or in one we can provide for you, aligned with your brand.

Benefits of our Online Training

Our online guided learning courses can uplift you and your team:

We're Experienced
We're Knowledgeable
We Tailor Our Solutions
We're Innovative
Our Strategies Get Results
We Support You

Our team comprises individuals with extensive experience in various sectors, ensuring a rich and comprehensive understanding of different business environments. This diversity allows us to offer relevant and practical insights, making our training exceptionally effective.

Each team member brings a wealth of real-world experience. This practical knowledge translates into training that is not just theoretical but grounded in real business scenarios, providing learners with skills that are immediately applicable.

Recognising that no two organisations are the same, we tailor our training to meet the specific needs of each group. This customisation ensures that the training is directly relevant and immediately beneficial.

We employ the latest methods and technologies to engage participants fully. This includes interactive sessions, multimedia presentations, and hands-on exercises that enhance the learning experience.

Our training is designed not just to educate but to deliver tangible results. We emphasise actionable strategies and tools that participants can use to make a real difference in their workplaces.

We can offer ongoing support to ensure that the skills and strategies learned are effectively implemented through follow-up sessions, resources, or consultation services.

Short Business Courses

How to Access our Online Courses

  • Choose your priority courses based on your business performance needs.
  • Decide if you want to purchase a single licence or multiple licences.
  • Choose from our course catalogue and enjoy discounts for multi licence and multi-course purchases.
  • If you don’t see the course you need, get in touch and we can discuss your options.

How to Choose the Right Course for You

We recommend you identify the outcomes you need in your organisation or for yourself, and compare them to the detailed outcomes pages for our courses. This will help identify the best fit course.

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