Management Consulting

Supporting leadership to drive success and transformation

Our Management Consulting services are dedicated to empowering leadership within your business, fostering success, change and transformation. We engage deeply with your organisation, understanding your long-term vision and assessing current capabilities. Our focus is to collaboratively develop a strategic path that realises your business goals and bolsters operational performance.

At Integris Group Services, we’re adept at guiding the development and implementation of your business strategy and operating models. Our comprehensive approach combines strategy consulting and operations consulting, bringing you a wealth of business, management, and advisory expertise.

Our Management Consulting services offer a structured and practical suite of skills, frameworks, and methodologies, which have been designed to support and enhance your management team’s decision-making processes. Our team have diverse experience across multiple sectors and are well-equipped to deliver outcomes that drive substantial improvement and transformation in your organisation.

Benefits from this Service

The use of Management Consulting Services directly impacts your organisation through the following ways:

Leadership Empowerment
Strategic Development and Implementation
Comprehensive Business Insight
Enhanced Decision-Making
Tailored Strategic Pathways
Operational Performance Enhancement
Diverse Industry Experience
Outcome-Driven Approach
Practical Solutions
Long-Term Organisational Growth

Our services are focused on empowering the leadership within your business, fostering an environment conducive to success, change, and transformation.

We excel in guiding the development and implementation of your business strategy and operating models, ensuring they align with your organisational goals.

Our approach combines elements of both strategy and operations consulting, providing you with an extensive range of business, management, and advisory expertise.

We offer a structured suite of skills, frameworks, and methodologies designed to support and improve your management team's decision-making processes.

We engage deeply with your organisation to understand your vision and capabilities, collaborating to develop a strategic path that aligns with your specific business objectives.

Our focus on bolstering operational performance can lead to improved efficiency and effectiveness in your business processes.

Our team's diverse experience across multiple sectors positions us to provide insights and strategies that are relevant and effective for your specific industry challenges.

We are committed to delivering outcomes that drive substantial improvements and meaningful transformations within your organisation.

Our management consulting services are grounded in practicality, ensuring that the strategies and recommendations we provide can be realistically implemented and executed.

By focusing on empowering leadership and enhancing management capabilities, our services contribute to the long-term growth and sustainability of your organisation.

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Our Management Consulting Services

Translating Strategy into meaningful actions

Build an actionable strategy and roadmap accessible to all members of your team:

  • Determine your future vision and current state
  • Leverage reliable methodologies for values-based modelling, gap analysis & costings
  • Stakeholder engagement and adoption
  • Securing funding and business support
  • Facilitating and supporting implementation using strategy consulting and operations consulting frameworks
  • Monitoring and reporting throughout the initiative

Rallying teams and individuals around a common cause

Bringing everyone up to speed on the facts and ensuring commitments to change:

  • Facilitated Workshops
  • Interviews and Gap Assessments
  • Defining business requirements and alignment to processes
  • Building the rationale to change (business cases)

Identifying Business Risks and Threats

Understand uncertainty in your business and operating environment using our business and management consultants:

  • Identifying risks and threats to your business (internal and industry-based)
  • Developing future-based scenarios and potential responses your business can take
  • Business requirements to assist future initiatives
  • Ongoing support for managing risks through our tailored professional services

Options Analysis to support decision making

Assess options available against key metrics using our strategy consulting and operations consulting approaches:

  • Benchmarking your business and operations
  • Defining value-based performance metrics
  • Identifying options and assessment criteria
  • Options planning and roadmaps for areas to improve in your business
  • Supporting in engagement and during implementation

eCommerce and Digital Transformations

Use of technology to drive improvements through our tailored professional services:

  • Context & opportunity assessments
  • Support for your eCommerce Strategy
  • Evidence-based validation and business needs, requirements and specifications
  • Manage stakeholders & communications
  • Maintain and uplift customer satisfaction Gain insight for future products & services

Market Entry and New Product Strategies

Increase your client base and diversify income streams using our business and management consultant experts:

  • Market Sizing and Customer Analysis
  • Defining Competitors and their approaches / gaps
  • Helping you assess and define your product and services vision, mission and objectives
  • Determining your target operating model to compete in the market
  • Planning your roadmap to achieve your objectives

Find and unlock latent value in your business

Drive productivity improvements and untapped business potential using our tailored professional services:

  • Optimise your work structure
  • Identify gaps in essential processes
  • Reduce information handover steps
  • Training & Facilitation workshops
  • Human Factors & Sensitivity Training
  • Business Psychology & Empathy

Project Management and Support

Leverage experienced business and management consultant project managers and tailored strategy consulting and operations consulting frameworks developed for our clients:

  • Project Charter, Planning & Scheduling
  • Project or Program Management (PMO)
  • RASCI Development
  • Milestone Reporting & Budgeting
  • Agile Project Management

Asset Lifecycle, Project Lifecycle and Business Lifecycle Cost Management

Leverage experienced strategic and advisory tailored professional services developed by our business and management consultants for lifecycle cost management in your business or project:

  • Define the project lifecycle and value chain
  • Activity-based cost modelling
  • Assess current (benchmark) performance
  • Alignment and prioritisation metrics
  • Identify high impact initiatives
  • Forecasting and Scenario Modelling
  • Develop and implement improvement plan
  • Values-based monitoring and reporting

Process Mapping

Visualise and structure your operations to reduce overlap or redundant handover points using our tailored professional services:

  • Identify current process and develop patterns and trends
  • Define good-practice and leverage Business Process Mapping frameworks
  • Identify gaps or single points of failure
  • Gain consensus internally on the standard ways of working in your business

Virtual Consulting

Offering you reliable, affordable, expert strategy consulting advice when and where you need it:

  • Experienced Professionals Provided through online channels
  • Confidential dialogue
  • Help you structure, assess or deliver improvements in your business
  • No ongoing commitments
  • Monthly Subscription Services available with discounted pricing

Document Management Systems (DMS)

Support managing and administering your DMS:

  • Leverage existing systems in your business (eg SharePoint)
  • Assess Business Needs & cross-functional requirements for DMS solutions
  • Options Analysis and identify cost-benefit
  • Customising versus configuring systems
  • Workflow automation and approvals

Our Business Assurance Services

Management Consulting Australia

Success Stories

Our Unique Approach

Our approach starts with defining and identifying your goals, objectives, ideal timelines and desired outcomes using management consulting approaches. We follow a series of stages through a consultative service delivery process to meet your target outcomes, operating as a trusted extension of your team throughout the journey.


Defining what needs to be achieved to position you for success


Develop the plan to manage and prioritise activities


Agreed timelines, approach, stakeholders, governance and outputs


Providing opportunities for consultation and review with your team


Embedding results in your organisation so you are not dependent on us

Ongoing Support

Remaining available for you should any new issues or challenges arise

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Thomas Werner Integris Group Services

Leading the Team

Thomas Werner

As Managing Partner, Leading the Consulting & Advisory (Professional Services & Strategy) team, Thomas brings vast experience in strategy consulting, operations consulting and asset management strategy. 

With over 10 years of practical industry experience operating in the Geospatial industry as an Engineer, Thomas has operated across construction, rail, electrical infrastructure, asset management, energy and resources and mining with both large and boutique business and management consultant firms. 

Thomas approaches problems with a different mindset, developed from his exposure to the various stages of asset, project and business lifecycles; supplemented with learning from his MBA, Agile Project Management and Geospatial Engineering degrees. Thomas is passionate about innovations and improvements in businesses he works with; and supports asset management, strategy, operations, project management, unlocking value, new market entries and service transformations with our clients using tailored professional services.

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